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ARC Group supports campaign to get drivers recognised as skilled workers

Leading driving recruitment specialists ARC has launched a national petition to get HGV Drivers recognised as skilled workers and are hoping to get the issue discussed in parliament.

The change will hopefully attract new people to the driving industry and help address the current driver shortage crisis.

Over recent months, drivers have been praised for being key workers and essential to keeping the country operational during the height of each Covid-19 lockdown. However, unlike many other professions such as doctors and teachers, they are still categorised as unskilled workers, despite having to pass vigorous skill-based testing to get their driving licence. 

According to stats released by The Road Haulage Association, it is currently estimated there is a shortage of about 60,000 drivers. It estimates about 30,000 HGV driving tests were lost last year because of the Covid pandemic. Brexit and the introduction of IR35 have also impacted the numbers. 

Adam Miller, Operations Director at ARC said: “Leading supermarkets and brands such as Haribo have recently spoken out about their concerns the lack of drivers will have on their supply chain and operations.

“We need to attract new people to the industry and change people’s perceptions of a HGV driver. They are highly skilled, highly trained and should be recognised accordingly. We are urging people to sign our petition to get this discussed in parliament.” 

To sign the petition, please visit: 

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