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Humans have a habit of creating lots of waste during the summer months.

Whether you’re at the beach eating ice cream or you’re embarking on a city break, Bury Wholefoods implores you to consider a zero waste lifestyle.

Here are a few ways you can reduce waste this summer.

Eat real

Lots of people in the world today have a tendency to rely on processed, over-packaged food items. Think about the times you’ve used plastic once, thrown it away and not thought about that for the rest of the day.


We believe that choosing real foods, creating your own meals and making a conscious decision to recycle is a great way to start. Although, when it comes to zero waste this is only a start. With an ever growing market for zero waste, there are so many new ways of cutting down your wastage footprint. Some great starter products we’d suggest are beeswax wraps and Keep Leaf food wraps.

Wrap your food in these zero waste products instead of cling film to preserve your food. You won’t have to throw the plastic in the landfill and they’re easier on the eye.

Another good practice is making your own baked goods. You get a great kick out of eating food you’ve made from scratch and you won’t touch any plastic in the process!

Buy less

It seems obvious, but buying less food can drastically reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Before you go to your local supermarket, the best practice would be to make sure all the food in your cupboards has been eaten. That way, you’ll never find a somewhat mouldy packet of food again; there is also an added incentive of the cost saving.

The thought process of zero waste starts far before this, though. On a Sunday afternoon, why not sit down and plan your meals for the week? This way, you’ll know exactly how much food and drink you’ll need to buy. Adopting zero waste will save you money!

Buy well

When you’re out shopping for clothes, or you’re thinking about buying some new homeware items, have a think about the amount of plastic you could be using in one purchase.

For clothes, do you need to keep (and throw away) a plastic hanger? Some shops now only use wooden hangers, and those that do use plastic tend to re-use them. If a shop assistant offers you the hanger, why not ask them to re-use it so the plastic doesn’t get thrown away?

You could also check second-hand shops first. Often they are more switched onto the potential wastage and, although you may be wearing pre-loved clothes, you’ll also be saving yet more money!

Household items are really no different. At Bury Wholefoods, we’re quite keen to avoid plastic in the home by choosing to use items like bamboo toothbrushes and plant-based face sponges.

Say no

Unfortunately, even the smaller pieces of plastic contribute to ever-growing environmental problems. This is why, no matter how insignificant it may seem to the uninitiated, you should take a moment out of your day to recognise the waste any product may produce.

Could you use a stainless steel straw instead of a plastic one? Could you leave a bag-for-life in your car so you’re never forced to buy a 10p bag? Even buying a reusable water bottle will help save the world, and save you money in the meantime.

Remember to always ask yourself, ‘do I really need it?’

We know that making the transition to a Zero Waste lifestyle can be difficult, and it won’t happen overnight. Speak to zero waste experts, Bury Wholefoods today and we’ll help you achieve your Zero Waste goals.

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