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Finally, a cosmetic production company with true provenance

Jarvis Cosmetic Developments

Jarvis Cosmetic Developments has been developing, manufacturing and filling premium skincare products for boutiques, spas and independent brands since 1974. Industry leaders in the field of niche, high-end cosmetic preparations, they work with a whole variety of people, from small businesses and start-ups to large, established global names.

When working with Jarvis, you will receive the full benefit of their 40 years of experience, unparalleled insight and expertise. As well as this, you will have the reassurance that you share the same ethical stance. Pioneers for planet-friendly processes and products, they never test on animals or use ingredients that have caused harm or damage to animals or the environment. They believe that the maintenance of the natural world is their responsibility.


Fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 22716:2007 certified, Jarvis Cosmetic Developments has a dedicated quality team to ensure every aspect of the entire production and manufacturing process is perfect.

Their laboratories and expert cosmetics chemists have the ability to formulate bespoke skincare cosmetics and toiletries such as hair care, male grooming, aromatherapy, bathing and other skincare items. Every formula they create fully delivers the promise of the concept.

In addition to this, their expertise extends to preparing scientifically advanced botanical extracts. They believe that botanical extracts are perfect for creating something completely unique and natural for the market. Drawing from sources across the world, they supply single plant extracts and highly specialised, individually tailored blends.

No matter at what stage your project is at when you approach Jarvis, they provide a highly specialised and personal service to every client through all aspects of the development process. Their customer service is part of their Quality mission statement, aiming to always meet or exceed customer expectations.

Every member of their team is proud of the company’s unique heritage and constantly strives for excellence in product, services and ethics. They understand and recognise exactly what it takes to create an exciting and unique product that will become a market leader.

After four generations of the Jarvis family working in the industry, Jarvis Cosmetic Developments have the stability and providence that you can rely on.

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