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From recruitment to PPE: business owner’s new venture

Like so many businesses across the UK, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on Suffolk-based recruitment firm Rubix M&E. Owner, Milo Williams, has had to furlough the majority of his staff and for the first time since he was about 15, he found himself with time on his hands.

Mr. Williams said: “When the lockdown was brought in, I was left with little choice than to furlough the majority of my staff, which was obviously a difficult decision, but one we had to take. We’ve had a great year since rebranding as Rubix M&E and I felt that I had finally built the perfect team to take the business to the next level.

“However, when businesses across the country are forced to cease working, the recruitment industry obviously takes a hit. As we are solely focused on mechanical and electrical industries, we were still placing essential workers such as gas engineers, electricians and M&E supervisors. Along with the other senior members of the team not furloughed, we made sure that we maintained contact with staff and clients, and generally kept things ticking over.

“It was during the course of my daily updates and calls to clients that a new opportunity arose. A business contact of mine was looking for someone to distribute PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on behalf of a major UK medical supplier.”

Nitrile Gloves: One Million Box Contract

Mr. Williams continued: “A month or so down the line and we now have a direct contract with a factory manufacturing nitrile gloves which we sell direct to buyers in the market. Given the huge demand for nitrile gloves, we have earned a reputation for being able to deliver large quantities, on-time across the UK. In fact, just this week we secured a one million box deal with the company.”

Milo Williams
Milo Williams

Mr. Williams has always had an interest in the supply chain and logistics industry, but when he rebranded his former company, Rubix Personnel, to Rubix M&E in 2019, he chose to concentrate on the key mechanical and electrical sectors; Building Services, Facilities Management, Power & Utilities, Energy and Manufacturing.

However, he was also keen to maintain his network within supply chain and logistics and so has created a separate brand which is described as “a modern-day hybrid between an international customs brokerage and a group of headhunting professional connecting the best people in the supply chain industry.”

Chainbox Global Limited

Seizing the opportunity, Mr. Williams established a new company in April this year, Chainbox Global Limited. A website quickly followed and Chainbox Global was up and running.

Through his contacts in the pharmacy and medical sectors, Mr. Williams was offered an opportunity to become a UK distributor for items of PPE, including masks, gowns, gloves and hand sanitiser.

Mr. Williams reached out to a number of contacts through social media and, having conducted Skype interviews, now has a sales team in place which is achieving some great results. Since being established, the company has supplied PPE to a number of sectors, including; NHS Trusts, dental practices, engineering, plant hire, large corporates, cleaning, construction and facitlities management.

However, Mr. Williams was also acutely aware that he had the opportunity to do some good with the new venture.

Mr. Williams added: “We read every day about the sacrifices front line workers are making and we wanted to say thank you. I encouraged my team at Rubix M&E to do the ‘Run 5, Donate 5 and Nominate 5’, which many of us have done. However, I now had the opportunity to make sure that some of the PPE goes to the people who need it most.

“We have been able to visit Ipswich Hospital to deliver a number of items, as well as two local care homes. We have also delivered items to East Anglian Children’s Hospital and to Hillside Primary School.”

While the current focus is very much on PPE, Mr. Williams sees a number of opportunities for Chainbox Global going forward, across a number of sectors, including; medical products, raw materials, engineering equipment, technology and hardware, jewellery and fashion, to name a few.

Mr. Williams also made special mention of his colleague, Sam Goodwin, saying; “Sam has been a fantastic person to have alongside me, putting in 18-20 hour says and executing deals across the UK, Europe and the USA. He’s been vital in getting ChainBox Global Limited up and running and we’re looking forward to even more success.”

For more information, please visit or call 01473 550779.

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