How coffee makes your cafe more productive

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With cafes remaining open, takeaway coffees have been fuelling us for everyday life and helping us stay productive at work. However, have you ever thought about how coffee makes you more productive if you work in a coffee shop?

Workplace productivity describes how much time is spent on completing the right work. In a barista’s case, it would be making coffees to order, providing customer service, communicating with colleagues, ensuring stock is always replenished and other admin tasks.

So, how productive is your cafe when it comes to these tasks? No matter what your answer is to this question, we bet that your team’s productivity levels will increase when they have a cup of coffee.

Reasons why coffee increases productivity

Coffee gives employees more energy

It is a well-known fact that caffeine is a great source of energy for the body, consequently increasing productivity. The caffeine in coffee also has an energy-boosting effect on our brains, too, improving our alertness level.


Our brain produces a substance called adenosine which makes our body feel weak and, therefore, less motivated to work. By drinking coffee, adenosine is replaced by caffeine consequently making us more awake, alert and, most importantly, productive.

Coffee protects & strengthens our brains

The oil in coffee contains anti-inflammatory agents that protect our brains from stress-inducing hormones, oxidative stress and DNA damage. Kahweol and cafestol are released from the oil and are used as protection for the brain against these stressors.

This, in turn, strengthens your brain and its ability to withstand exposure to stress. No matter how busy the café gets, caffeine allows you to stay calm and to concentrate. Less stress means more focus, making you more productive!

Coffee encourages socialisation & activity

By taking regular coffee breaks, you are getting your body moving and allowing the blood to rush around your body. This helps stimulate your mind and make you more focused and motivated when you get back to work.

As well as staying active, you are also given more opportunities to socialise with your colleagues. The coffee gives you the ability to form better social interactions which is a vital factor that drives productivity.

Coffee provides great health benefits

In addition to the benefits coffee and caffeine have on your brain functions, regularly drinking coffee has also proven to improve your memory, lower the risk of a number of diseases including type 2 diabetes, and keep you in great shape.

Improved memory means you’ll be able to remember customer orders better and staying healthy means you will take fewer sick days and be able to focus on your job.

Abbey Coffee helps your café be productive

At Abbey Coffee, they have all your coffee requirements, so you can ensure that your café is as productive as can be.

You should always invest in the best coffee machines for your café, so take a look at their wide range of Instant, Bean 2 Cup and Commercial Coffee machines that are designed to create the ideal coffee experience for both you and your customers.

With coffee on tap to keep your employees’ productivity at the optimum level, make sure it is made with a high-quality machine and Fairtrade coffee beans. With additional servicing, maintenance and repair services too, you can always rely on Abbey Coffee to guarantee that coffee is always being served.

For more information, visit the Abbey Coffee website or get in contact by calling 03300 563 044.

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