Pinches duo return with medals, a cup, and European and world records

Natasja Pinches after defeating Sweden

Mum and daughter duo, Karen and Natasja Pinches, who both work at the West Suffolk Hospital, have returned from the Netherlands 2019 International Field Archery Association European Field Archery Championships. And what success they had.

Charlie (Karen’s husband and Natasja’s dad), came a close fourth in the barebow compound male category, with Karen gaining bronze in the barebow compound female rounds, after experiencing issues with her bow.

However, it was daughter Natasja’s time to shine. In the first European competition using her new freestyle bow, she won gold in her freestyle unlimited young adult female category. She also helped the England team to secure a victory against Sweden in the England versus Sweden cup.

Not only that, but Natasja broke the European top score record for her category in the field and hunter rounds twice, breaking her own record in the same competition! She also scooped the world record top score in three subsequent field, hunter and animal rounds.

Natasja and Karen Pinches with their medals

Karen Pinches said: “This year’s location in the Netherlands may not sound as exotic as South Africa, where we competed last year, but it came with its own challenges and terrain.

“Early on in the competition, we had to walk to the flood plains of the River Rhine, which, although they are flat, don’t provide much cover. The wind easily pushed our arrows off course. Later rounds were in woodland, which was on a much steeper incline.

“This makes Natasja’s achievements all the more impressive – we are super proud parents!”

Natasja Pinches said: “On the last day of the competition it poured with rain, and I somehow achieved my highest score ever! The competitors from other countries joked that I must be used to it because I live in the UK, but I still can’t believe I managed it!

“My new category and bow really suit me, and I hope my winning streak continues.”

Natasja’s record-breaking scores out of a possible 560 (yards):

  • Hunter 533 (European and world record)
  • Field 522 (European and world record)
  • Animal 556 (world record)
Natasja Pinches broke numerous European and world records
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