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New eCommerce services for marketplace amp clients

marketplace amp ecommerce photoshoot

marketplace amp has launched two new services to help boost its clients’ eCommerce listings within the food and drink, health and beauty and pet care sectors.

The Bury St Edmunds-based agency has expanded its services to include CGI Product Photography and Packshot Photography as it takes on new clients: Lindens Health + Nutrition, Food Thoughts and RMDY London.

67% of customers consider images to be more important than product descriptions and with the increasing popularity of online shopping, having strong imagery is crucial. marketplace amp’s new packshot and CGI photography services can help clients enhance their brand reputation, create excellent first impressions, achieve sales potential, increase conversions and reduce returns.

A pack-shot is an image of an e-commerce product against a white background, serving the purpose of presenting the product as accurately as possible, whereas CGI offers a completely computer-rendered version of a product that offers flexibility to the packaging. marketplace amp’s newest services embody their e-commerce, marketing and photography skills to help to amplify sales for their clients.


The agency’s exciting newest offerings include something for everyone. CGI has the ability to be prepared ready for a product launch and has the flexibility to remove marks and blemishes. amp’s new pack photography service involves multi images of a product at different angles, 360-degree rotating shots, post-production photo editing and mobile photography for those who need a photographer onsite.

Liz Tyler, marketplace amp’s Head of Content, said: “We are passionate about creating strong, enticing listings for our clients and these new photography services allow us to truly amplify their sales. With customers making their first impressions in 50 milliseconds, we’re confident that our images will boost our clients’ online presence and increase their sales.”

To find out more about these exciting new services, receive a quote or to see how you can enhance your online marketplace listings, visit or contact

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