Business networking event with a twist (and ice)

powered up business networking in ipswich
Milo Dunne with Frank and Pat Butcher at The Queen Vic, E20 in 1988

In this article Milo Dunne, a public House enthusiast hails the positive response to his pub-held business networking events.

This month marks the seventh instalment of Powered Up Business (PUB) Networking, a relaxed event that’s held at Isaacs Bar in Ipswich once a month.

I wanted to create something more down to earth that focuses on relationship building and to generate a fun atmosphere that business people would thoroughly enjoy. I also wanted to have speakers that would genuinely teach useful and tangible skills rather than have a guest pitcher that most events do. I’m a firm believer that the best business relationships are made over a few drinks and since starting, there’s been a great nucleus of people that prove that point.”

As the master of ceremonies, I’ve been delighted with how well the events have been received. Morning networking events are not always possible for everyone. If you are anything like me, I just want to have my morning coffee in silence. The only people that go to morning events are those annoying morning people and don’t even get me started on those that sit down to breakfast and mix their beans with their fried egg.


Powered Up Business Networking aims to offer something to all kinds of businesses. From start-ups to established networkers from big companies to one-man bands. The idea is to get you talking to new people and finding common bonds that go beyond your business. There’s a real ethos on people getting to know each other. The philosophy of the events is that people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Not everyone is a fan though, one anonymous person said: “I was told there’d be Babycham here. Ok, the event was great, really informative and despite all the tumbleweeds gathering in the room, I thought Milo’s jokes when hosting were hilarious. I met lots of other awesome business owners but still, I wanted a Babycham!”

Now, I can’t say anything about the Babycham situation but this person was 100% correct on my jokes being hilarious and the anonymous person was 100% not me making something up for the sake of this article.

Events are held on the second-to-last Thursday of every month with the next one coming up on the 20th June 2019. There’s a very special speaker with Paralympic bronze and silver medallist, Harriet Lee giving a talk on her story about getting into sport, having a family and starting her own business – all at the same time!

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