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Sackers and Ipswich East Rotary work to protect waterways

Sackers staff and Ipswich East Rotary club

Sackers Recycling has partnered with the Ipswich East Rotary Club to protect the local waterways during the popular Orwell Challenge.

The club is organising the Orwell Challenge and is encouraging walkers to bring their own reusable bottles when they sign up. And instead of giving out single-use water bottles for refreshments, water will be given out in paper cups at checkpoints that can go in the recycling bins supplied for free by Sackers.

The Orwell Walk on 23rd June will have recycling bins donated by Sackers recycling at every eight checkpoints, including skips and at the start and end of the walk.  Everything in the bins will be sent to Sackers facility, baled and sent for recycling.

There will also be litter pickers on the trail to ensure a clean route is left after the event and as much goes to recycling as possible.

John Button, the organiser of the Orwell Challenge, said: “We can’t escape the horrors of plastic in our waterways and as organisers of this event along the river, it is important to take some responsibility for ensuring it is as green as possible.

“We know the public will support this initiative but it’s also a case of supporting them by offering bins and the right points and providing them with alternative refreshment solutions. We all have a part to play.”

James Cooper, waste and operations manager at Sackers, who is coordinating the collecting and processing of the waste, explained: “The Orwell Challenge is a big event for the town. There are hundreds of people taking part and the amount of waste produced can be quite substantial.

“At Sackers, we can deal with large volumes of waste and turn this into a positive by recycling almost everything of what we collect from our recycling bins on the route.

“Combined with the paper cups and reducing single-use water bottles, we should be able to make a big impact. To put it into perspective, recycling just one plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60W lightbulb for six hours. And we recycle for a living, so we’re pleased to support the rotary club on this walk.”

If you want to take part in the challenge you can register online, there’s a challenge for everyone. But remember your reusable water bottle!

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