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Wild & Wacky Mobility, the unique Suffolk mobility scooter company

With over 6.5 million people in the UK dealing with impaired mobility, Wild & Wacky Mobility provides a better selection of mobility scooter. Their range is like no other around and completely go against the norm.

The business is proud to be different and to cater to every individual’s needs; they believe that if everyone has their own unique personality, why shouldn’t their mobility scooter reflect that? As such as vital part of your lifestyle, it should not only fit your requirements but your characteristics too.

A versatile tandem mobility scooter gives couples with an impaired disability the chance to travel together. With the optional back seat replacement, a passenger can sit back and relax, or it can be removed, and the space can be used for storage.

Wild & Wacky have fast mobility scooters on offer, as well as accessories and customisation to owned vehicles. Reaching speeds of up to 12mph, this is a feature you would not commonly see in traditional mobility scooter stores.

Off-road mobility scooters give customers the chance to explore other environments with uneven terrain, all with extraordinary ease and lasting battery life. They break the mould of having to stick to the roads and pavements and encourage adventurers to never stop travelling.

Finally, their Cabin Car is one of their most unique vehicles that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. With all the features of a regular car, it is luxurious and comfortable, as well as completely customisable.

Custom Mobility Scooters at Wild & Wacky give customers the freedom of personalisation and to create the perfect mobility scooter for them. Whether they want to express their personality through colour schemes or vinyl wraps or add further helpful features, they can modify it to your specific needs.

If you have a scooter that needs upgrading, you can have stress-free experience by trading it in at Wild & Wacky. They will collect it and deliver your new model, all whilst deducting the value of your original scooter off the bill.

At Wild & Wacky Mobility, it has never been easier to find the perfect mobility scooter for you and your lifestyle. They have a live chat on their website, so you can talk to an expert directly to find out more about all of their options.

You can also fill out their contact form or call on 0800 888 6501.

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