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£100,000 thank you bonus to staff from Herrco Cosmetics

The second national lockdown implemented early January 2021 saw many employees’ mental health affected.

“It’s been tough – we used to have monthly employee events (usually revolving around food!) but there were months that we couldn’t, and though we see some of our teammates on-site, we’re still unable to fully socialise due to social distancing. For those working from home, they’ve been in constant isolation for three months or more now,” said Derek Herrmann, Managing Director.


He continued: “The past few years, we have upgraded our facility, added new machinery, and given back to the community. In this perfect storm, it’s timely to invest further in our team.”

Herrco MD Derek Herrmann with Charlotte Khor, marketing formulator
Herrco MD Derek Herrmann with Charlotte Khor, marketing formulator

In February 2021, care packs were distributed to employees on-site, with the rest personally delivered to those working from home. In a bid to do more, after the Easter weekend in April 2021, employees were gifted an equal share of £100,000 as a thank you bonus for their resilience, dedication and hard work through a year like no other.

The directors collectively decided that it didn’t matter if the employee was one week in, or have worked with Herrco for over 10 years. Everyone has been going through the same storm and deserves to be rewarded.

Sarah Way, People & Culture Director, said: “Some of our teammates have had real struggles with their family and financial situation affected from their partners losing jobs and additional costs to juggle.

“Other teammates live alone and only have work as contact and connection to others. We really hope this bonus helps everyone in their personal circumstances or hopefully to be able to treat themselves and their families.”

Joseph Hall at Herrco
Joseph Hall

Joseph Hall, Account Manager, revealed: “Postponing my wedding for a second time plus a poorly pet made it a stressful week, but to finish it with a gift box delivered to my door makes me realise how happy I am in my job!”

Senior Filling Team Leader, Mihaela Enescu who, upon receiving her thank you bonus expressed: “It’s such a nice gesture and we feel appreciated by the company. Some of my colleagues were out of jobs before joining Herrco, and this definitely helps with the bills.”

Mihaela Enescu
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