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A digital innovation designed during lockdown by a leading Suffolk brand expert will now give the region’s businesses a personalised insight into how best to unlock greater growth for a new era.

Having spent 30 years steering major food and drink businesses on their marketing strategy and brand identity, Steve Curzon, former Marketing Director for Adnams, has developed a comprehensive marketing tool which uniquely assesses a brand’s ‘health status’, and delivers a personalised report into improving marketing performance.

Now the owner of Woodbridge-based brand agency Curzon Marketing, Steve has in recent years helped turn the tide and improve the market reach for the likes of Munchy Seeds, Stokes Sauces, Ransomes Jacobsen, SockShop, Metcalfes Popcorn, Kettle Foods and Fairfields Farm.

His newly released app – the Brand First Report – is a free innovation, and takes only a matter of minutes to complete.


“We’ve been through such a turbulent period over this last few months, and many East Anglian businesses will be feeling that they need to harness the value of their brand, or reevaluate it altogether,” he said.

“This tool really helps with that, by very simply addressing where the areas of strength and weakness are, and enabling more focus on how a company could most effectively improve their marketing capabilities.”

The Brand First Report generates a personalised evaluation of the state and effectiveness of marketing within a business.

It prompts such questions as: Is marketing contributing as much as it should to the commercial success of the business? Is marketing central to the business plan? Is the brand as effective and distinctive as it could be? Do the current marketing activities really focus on what matters and what works?

Steve, whose agency has been able to continue hiring, despite the pandemic, believes the businesses in Suffolk which focus on honestly assessing their marketing delivery, will be the ones who emerge more successfully in the coming months.

“A distinctive brand and effective marketing are the lifeblood of any business,” he added. “This healthcheck concept could really enable companies to rethink, reposition, or just redeploy their efforts and energies where it’s most needed.”

The five-minute survey delivers a business with:

  • A clearer understanding of what your business objectives are and your purpose.
  • A deeper understanding of what make your audience tick – the key to engaging, attracting, and retaining them.
  • Greater focus on strategy and planning, the path you will take to achieve your goals.
  • Assurance that the right time, resources, and marketing expertise are in place and operational.

To try the tool for yourself, go to

Alternatively, to speak to Steve and his team, contact 01394 366 800.

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