New online health group set up to support local women

A new online forum has been launched to help local women understand more the intricacies of female health and nutrition.

The Stoic Women group has been launched on Facebook by Ipswich-based health coach Sam Cleaver director of Stoic Performance.

Sam was encouraged to set up the private group to help women feel better about themselves after growing concerned about the way that ladies are continually made to feel concerned about the way that they look and feel.

As the administrator behind the group, he hopes to create a safe space where he can support women to ask any questions they may have about their overall health, fitness or nutrition.


Sam said: “I’m extremely active on social media and it’s really worrying to see the way that women are continuously targeted in ways that are designed to make them feel bad about themselves and their bodies.

“Concepts such as ‘thigh gaps’ or ‘hip dips’ or unrealistic diets are creating real problems so I wanted to create a positive online environment where women can support each other and benefit from professional advice.

“In this group, I want women to feel that they can ask any questions that they may have about their health, fitness or nutrition. Our coaches will be on hand to offer quality advice and support them to take control of their health and body.”

Health coach Sam Cleaver

As well as offering advice and guidance on exercise techniques and sharing nutrition plans, Sam wants to educate women on how the body changes throughout the month and what this could mean for training programmes.

He said: “The female body is extremely complex, and it goes through several different phases during the menstrual cycle. Each phase has its own particulars, such as being better adept at coping with fats or better placed to cope with strength training.

“I believe that if we understand more about what is happening in our body then we can start to work with it to achieve our goals.

“Whenever I’ve spoken to my female clients, I’ve been struck by the fact that this isn’t generally common knowledge. This is another reason why I want to encourage women to join our group; I can answer any questions about what impact periods, menopause, hysterectomies and endometriosis can have upon our bodies.

“The more knowledge we have, the more we can take control of our bodies and stop being so affected by the unrealistic and poor information that is regularly peddled on social media.”

Amy Dawson from Ipswich is just one woman who has already joined the group in a bid to learn more about the specifics of female health and nutrition.

She said: “This is a great way to build a strong community of like-minded women and have someone who can answer any questions about how to feel as healthy as possible.

“It genuinely worries me to see how much pressure is put on women to look a certain way and I think things are getting worse. I have a daughter and I dread to think what pressures she’ll face as she grows up.

“I want to use this group to listen to what Sam has to say and learn from him. Not only will this help me to improve my own knowledge but as my daughter grows up, I can help her understand her own body that much better.”

The Stoic Women Facebook group is free of charge and women can join at any time.To find out more, visit

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