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Lighting up Stonehenge – from Suffolk

When the legendary Paul Oakenfold became the first DJ to perform at Stonehenge, Ipswich-based Motion Mapping was tasked with organising a hi-tech video projection display.

Joining the star DJ at the incredible heritage site was full of challenges, but Motion Mapping’s Stu Harris got around them all, and the results were awesome.


Oakenfold used noise-reduction technology (silent disco headphones!) and only 50 invited guests were allowed to watch the show.

Stu, meanwhile, was organising the projection mapping, which uses hi-tech projectors and cool software to bring any walls, shapes or objects to life.

You can watch the results here.

Stonehenge Projection Mapping for Paul Oakenfold from Motion Mapping on Vimeo.

The event was organised by Alon Shulman, a special advisor to English Heritage who partners with Oakenfold in an events company.

The surreal experience of a live DJ performing at Stonehenge was complemented by the awesome digital display with Ipswich skills behind it.

Projection mapping for your event

If Motion Mapping can transform something like Stonehenge, imagine what it could do for your event?

Corporate events, brand launches, weddings, concerts – the hi-tech projection mapping brings any event to life.

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