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Build your 2019 content calendar

Publishing regular content across a variety of channels should be a vital part of your marketing mix. Not only does it engage existing customers, but it gives everyone an opportunity to learn more about your brand. If written well, content will compel people to buy your goods and services.

Savvy business owners know publishing regular editorial content works. You’re reading this piece, after all. But actually getting around to doing it is the hard part: you might be short of creative ideas; perhaps you’re not a confident writer.


The truth is every business has interesting things to say. You just need someone to help you extract those stories. A professional copywriter, preferably one with a journalistic and content marketing background, is ideal.

Magic Word Media, the Ipswich-based copywriting and editorial agency, works with you to unearth stories that will interest your customers.

Boost your Google rankings

There are so many other reasons to produce regular content. It helps your Google rankings, promotes your expertise and presents you as an authority to the local and trade media.

Publish on your own website, or use a dedicated local resource like Suffolk Business which does a great job of involving the business community. You can also share it across social media, helping your message reach an even wider audience.

As you can see, publishing content should never be seen as a chore. If you have the ideas and are a confident writer, it will cost you nothing but bring many benefits.

If you’re struggling, outsourcing to an expert is not expensive. A single article like this one might only cost you is around £60 + VAT. Not bad, is it?

And what about those ideas? This is where the content calendar comes in. Schedule your stories over the coming 12 months and try to stick to it. Perhaps a couple of pieces a month. Once you start writing these things down, the ideas will flow.

You can book a content consultation with Magic Word Media for £120 + VAT, and we’ll sit down with you (if local, otherwise on Skype or phone), talk about your business and suggest stories that people will actually enjoy reading. You’ll have story ideas to cover you for at least six months.

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