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Suffolk law firm highlights importance of workplace accident investigations

A Suffolk law firm is highlighting the importance of conducting a proper investigation following an accident in the workplace – reducing the risk of further employees suffering personal injury, loss, and perhaps even death in the future.

An average of 250 workers are killed each year in the workplace, with a further 150,000 suffering major injuries, according to the Health and Safety Executive.

Louise Plant, Senior Associate in Prettys Solicitors’ Personal Injury and Insurances Services team, said businesses can help to reduce the alarming statistics if reactive measures are taken following an incident taking place.

Louise Plant of Prettys
Louise Plant

She added: “Without a thorough investigation to find out the cause of an accident and to investigate whether anything could have been done differently, businesses open themselves up to litigation and reputational damage, as well as sending a message to their employees that their health and safety is not taken seriously.

“Nobody wants to work for an employer who does not care for their safety.

“Workplace investigations should be tailored to each incident. Minor incidents may only require a limited investigation, while others may need a full-on probe.

“You will never learn from those mistakes if an accident, which could have been prevented, is not investigated properly.”

Even if an incident is a simple trip with minor injuries, the Ipswich-based law firm expert explained some form of investigation will need to take place, such as filling out an accident report and considering what has happened.

Ensuring the correct steps are taken to investigate accidents, and making changes to procedures if required, not only protects the health of employees but provides the information a business may need to defend themselves from a claim, should one be made.

If a business does not have a robust process to investigate and log any accidents, they put themselves and their staff at risk which could then negatively impact the reputation of the business.

Prettys Solicitors offer a wide range of services, including accident investigations and training, which can be found at

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